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Learn more about the WakeUp Day, a unique and rare experience to pause, learn to listen to oneself,
understand why we are the way we are and how to become the best expression of ourselves.

What it is - a gift for yourself

WakeUp Day is an in-person course, held in London on Sunday 29th of October. During this course you are going to learn:

through the ancient teachings that all the great Masters of life have shared since the origin of life.

understanding the difference between our automatic thoughts/emotions and limiting beliefs products of external conditioning AND our true self and its unlimited potential.

learn to live life to its fullest to let go of physical, emotional and mental tensions

the basis of all meditations existing today. Acquire this powerful easy to implement to become more centered and present, learning to make more conscious choices.

often we are eager to grow, evolve, and we set new objectives that we don't achieve or only partly achieve. However, to reach your goals, you need to know your exact position and condition and understand where you want to direct your life. Together, we will see why this happens and how to avoid pitfalls and pursue our life objectives smoothly.

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Held on Friday 13th of October from 19.00 to 20.00 UK time

WakeUp Day Programme


29th of october , 10.00-13.00
  • The limited awareness state of human beings today
  • The 7 centres of the human functioning, what prevent human beings from living free and how to evolve
  • Deep Relaxation Technique: benefits, uses and the procedure
  • Deep Relaxation technique – let’s practice together!
  • The Meditation of Presence – history of the practice, phases, postures and results
  • Guided Meditation of Presence – let’s practice together!


29th of october, 14.30-17.00
  • The first and second world: understand and comprehend and how external conditioning has shaped your limiting beliefs rather than nurturing your talents
  • The friction between the first and second world: how to utilise it for your daily evolution and become who you want to be
  • The third world: identify what you truly want out of life
  • ONISON Evolution School: an opportunity to work on yourself in the Third Millennium

Register to view the free webinar

Held on Friday 13th of October from 19.00 to 20.00 UK time


A unique opportunity to pause, reflect and orient your life towards what you truly want for yourself and your dear ones.

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