WakeUp Day

A unique and rare experience to pause, learn to listen to oneself,
understand why we are the way we are and how to become the best expression of ourselves.

What it is - a gift for yourself

WakeUp Day is an in-person course, during which you are going to learn:

through the ancient teachings that all the great Masters of life have shared since the origin of life.

understanding the difference between our automatic thoughts/emotions and limiting beliefs products of external conditioning AND our true self and its unlimited potential.

learn to live life to its fullest to let go of physical, emotional and mental tensions

the basis of all meditations existing today. Acquire this powerful easy to implement to become more centered and present, learning to make more conscious choices.

often we are eager to grow, evolve, and we set new objectives that we don't achieve or only partly achieve. However, to reach your goals, you need to know your exact position and condition and understand where you want to direct your life. Together, we will see why this happens and how to avoid pitfalls and pursue our life objectives smoothly.

Learn to pause

Participating in this experience of personal evolution will help you find yourself and start over by learning the most ancient art of awareness that man has ever known: the art of pause, silence, emptiness.

Why participate

Today, despite our best efforts, we live in a frenetic reality where we keep running to achieve goals and respond to the demanding requests of the world. 

In this crazy race, we forget the most precious thing we have, ourselves, and our evolutionary journey that leads to freedom.

How is life without self-awareness?


Today we are forced to keep running at a frenetic pace, where there is no pause, no silence, no time to gain a deeper understanding.


We are overloaded with stimuli and in this fullness we fill time with meaningless actions instead of enjoying every moment of life on its whole.


We live in a world where we are reached by several impressions and tend to react automatically. We end up struggling with choosing a specific path and orient our lives.

A gift for your evolution

Embark on the transformative path to commence from your core self and your authentic goals.

Restart from yourself

Learn to pause

During the WakeUp Day you will have the opportunity to take a break and find your own inner space.

Deep relaxation technique

Learn the deep relaxation technique to slow down the race of life and live in an intense and full way.

The Meditation of Presence

Acquire the Meditation of Presence,  the basis of all the existing meditations to be more present and centered.

Teachings from the ancient Masters

Objectives ideas coming from the ancient teachings of Masters will be shared to evolve and gain a deeper understanding of how you function.

Understand where you are

In order to really evolve you need to understand where you are, your current condition. During the WakeUp Day you will reflect on this in a useful and oriented way.

Plan your future

After understanding exactly where you are, it is time to design what will come. Pause, reflect, project yourself in the future: what do you want to do when you grow up?

Join the Journey Now!

The WakeUp Day will be held on Sunday, 28th of January 2024, at a location to be defined in London (Zone 1-2).
The early bird offer is only £97 instead of £200.

WakeUp Day Programme


28th of JANUARY, 10.00-13.00
  • The limited awareness state of human beings today
  • The 7 centres of the human functioning, what prevent human beings from living free and how to evolve
  • Deep Relaxation Technique: benefits, uses and the procedure
  • Deep Relaxation technique – let’s practice together!
  • The Meditation of Presence – history of the practice, phases, postures and results
  • Guided Meditation of Presence – let’s practice together!


28TH OF JANUARY, 14.30-17.00
  • The first and second world: understand and comprehend and how external conditioning has shaped your limiting beliefs rather than nurturing your talents
  • The friction between the first and second world: how to utilise it for your daily evolution and become who you want to be
  • The third world: identify what you truly want out of life
  • ONISON Evolution School: an opportunity to work on yourself in the Third Millennium

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Questions & Answers

This course is for everyone who is willing to learn ideas useful for their self-development and spiritual evolution, regardless of their religion or political preferences.

No, this course is suitable for all the people coming from different religious/spiritual backgrounds. It is not a religious course, as the ideas shared are objective, based on the laws of life, and they were transmitted by all the true, ancient Masters of the past.

Yes. The ideas shared are extremely useful for everyone, regardless of how many years you have studied and delved into the self-development/spiritual field.

If you want to deepen the knowledge and skills acquired during our 1-day course you can choose to join ONISON, our long-term self-awareness school. It's a School of Awareness that allows you to do a specific inner-work based on self-observation, discipline and many essential aspects.

You can certainly expect to learn objective ideas for understanding the ordinary human condition and how to grow on a daily basis.
You will acquire practical tools to improve the quality of your life and to start/continue your personal journey of awareness, through the technique of deep relaxation and the Meditation of Presence, two fundamental practices for learning to live in a balanced and more 'present' way.
You will also have the opportunity to reflect on your story, understand where you are now and what you want to do "when you grow up".

For any specific question feel free to:

  • email us at hello@wakeupday.info
  • call us at +44 20 328781818
  • text us on Whatsapp at +44 7436 201706


A unique opportunity to pause, reflect and orient your life towards what you truly want for yourself and your dear ones.

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